A kind of introduction

szmt is Tobias Schmitt, was Suspicion Breeds Confidence, runs Acrylnimbus. szmt likes to do different things, some of which can be found on these pages. szmt is pronounced [ʃmɪt].

szmt released a lot of music under different monikers, most notably szmt and Suspicion Breeds Confidence. A (probably not complete) discography can be found here. Acrylnimbus is a music label founded in the 90s, currently releasing occasionally new music which can be found here.

Furthermore he played across Europe and Northern America, did installations, sound-walks, social interventions and music for dance.

He curated 100+ events (mostly in Frankfurt) and is still loosely involved in Xerox Exotique.

The visual work is badly documented. It consists of photos, paintings, drawings, collages, stickers and videos. Some of the latter can be found here.

Software has been both tool and product in szmt’s work from the very beginning. The earliest relic floating in the Internet is from the 80s. This site will not feature any corporate work done in this field to spare you from boredom.

This introduction is still work in progress, this homepage is not (nor will be) an archive. Thank you for your attention!